Monocacy Trains Bluetooth Control

Control your loco from your smartphone or tablet (Apple or Android)

Already got your module installed? See the hints page.

The module is a combined Bluetooth receiver and DC motor and function controller for model locomotives. Think of it similar to a DCC decoder - except much simpler to configure and no expensive command station to purchase - just use your smartphone or tablet.

Each module ships with a harness with wires to connect to your loco's motor, pickups (or onboard battery if you feel adventurous) and LED lights.

The module requires 6-20v DC (or 6-16v AC) for input power. So your Bluetooth locos can operate quite happily on existing DCC layouts. On DC layouts, wind your controller up to full to energise the modules ready for operation.

The motor output of the module will provide up to a constant 1.1A - so it is plenty for the vast majority of 00 gauge locos and also smaller 0 gauge such as the Dapol 0-6-0s. See my video below where I converted a Dapol 08.


Once you've installed your first module, install the Monocacy Trains App to your Apple or Android smart device.

Launch the app and it'll find the powered up modules within range. If it finds a new, unconfigured module it'll walk you through setting it up.

If there's more than one you'll get a list. You have basic control from this screen but tap a loco to have more control over direction and lights.

On this screen you have full control, you can edit the loco's picture and name, and and work the lights.

Tap the settings to configure the loco more.


Here are a couple of videos of me controlling some Bluetooth-controlled trains. (These are both battery powered, but the module works from track power too.)


See the App on the relevant store to check if your device meets the minimum requirements.


The package contains:

Bluetooth module
Wiring harness
Wiring diagram
Unlimited email support
1 year's manufacturer's warranty

Price including secure UK shipping: £34.99